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Lash Care

Before Your Appointment

Please Do Not wear any eye makeup to your appointment. If you do, please arrive 5-10 minutes early to remove your eye makeup completely. We have oil-free makeup remover and cotton pads here at our studio. Any makeup residue on your lashes or around your eyes will prevent adhesive from bonding to your lashes!


The day before your appointment, we recommend not using oil cleansing, eye cream, moisturizer or oils around your eyes. Oils will also prevent adhesive from bonding to your lashes.

We recommend taking a shower/wash your hair prior to your appointment because you may not for next 24 hours.

For a long lasting Lash Lift, Do not use waterproof mascara or curl your lashes at least 24 hours prior to your treatment.

After Care


Please keep your lashes dry for minimum of 24 hours after procedure. Avoid activities such as swimming, jogging, biking or hot yoga for 48 hours.


Make sure to use Oil-free cleansing. Avoid any products that contains oil, (e.x. glycol as an ingredient) it will dissolve the adhesive and your lash extensions will fall off faster.


Avoid extreme high heat/steam directed on face. e.x. Oven heat, BBQ heat, the steam from dishwasher, facial steamers, hair dryer, steam sauna, hot yoga.


Avoid waterproof eye-makeup. Instead use water-based makeup; they easily come off with warm water or oil-free cleansing.


We Do Not recommend mascara use. However, if you’re desperate to use one, please apply only from middle of your lashes to the tip not from the base. Waterproof mascara is a big NO NO!


We recommend cleaning your lashes regularly with forming cleanser made for lashes. And brush them daily after taking a shower or washing your face with clean mascara wand. Especially if you are applying eye-make up daily bases, and if you are not cleaning properly, build-up of bacteria might cause “Blepharitis”.


Clean healthy lashes = Fuller Long lasting extensions!

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