Online booking is available now!

Please Take A Moment To Read Our Policies Before Booking.

Currently we accept appointment bookings without the need

of a credit card. Please book your appointment only if you

are certain you would like one.

A valid phone number and email address is required when

booking. If your contact information cannot be verified, your

appointment may be cancelled and regarded as spam.

We require at least 24 hours notice if you have to cancel or

reschedule an appointment. Please notify us by phone, email

or in person. All of our appointment confirmations and

reminders are sent via text or email. If you have not received

either one, please contact us at 604-503-5274 or email:

If not showing up to your scheduled appointment, or if we

have not heard from you over 15 minutes of your

appointment time, your appointment will be cancelled

automatically and it will be considered as a “No Show”, and a

non-refundable deposit will be required for future


We do not offer refunds on services. We do however, offer a

complementary fix appointment if for any reason you are not

happy with the results, please contact us as soon as possible,

we will be happy to have a follow up appointment with you!

A complementary fix appointment must be scheduled within

1 week of the original date of your appointment.


Need help with booking? Call us at 604-503-5274

We strive to accommodate our clients to the best of our ability!

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